Dual Throttle Body Inlet System

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The Magnuson Superchargers 2016 Camaro was stolen earlier this year in the Detroit metro area of Michigan.  Our beloved “Maggie” ,as it is known, was on the loose on the streets for a short time.  Thankfully through our vast network of contacts and loyal followers Maggie was spotted and returned to us with just some cuts and bruises.   But finding Maggie was made easier for a couple of reasons, in a sea of vehicles she is easy to spot.  Bright, even garish, Magnuson graphics, a parachute, and the ever present IN-YOUR-FACE Dual Throttle Body intake riding the front of our 2650 Mag Drag breaching the confines of the hood.  

To celebrate the return of Maggie, Magnuson Superchargers is releasing our new Dual Throttle Body inlet for the Mag Drag LS7 TVS2650R and Hot Rod 2650 for the LS3 and LSA.   Now you too can have the spirit of Maggie on your build while also adding a critical theft-recovery device.

TVS2650 LS3/LSA Hot Rod Supercharger Kit (05-00-26-153-BL)
GM LS7 TVS2650R Mag Drag Racing Package (01-26-59-013-BL)

  • Dual 90mm Billet Aluminum Flutes, available in Raw Billet or Red Anodized.
  • Massive airflow potential supports 2x 90mm LS3 Throttle Bodies (not included)
  • Includes Dual Throttle body inlet with integrated Magnuson Logo, silicone connection hoses and clamps

  • Fits Airraid 700-430 Air filter with a slight modification to the filters.
  • Dashlogic produces a dual throttle controller, as one potential option for throttle control.
  • The included pictures show a supercharger head unit, which was included for display purposes only.