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2020-2024 C8 Corvette, Coupe and Convertible
Does Not Include Calibration
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Boost your C8 to the next level with the new Magnuson TVS2650 C8 Tuner Kit. This tuner system features the same TVS2650 Supercharger that we use to use to build Z06 stomping, 700+hp 675ft-lb track machines, while allowing the end builder to supply calibration that best supports the overall level of performance modifications of the vehicle.

The Magnuson C8 Supercharger Tuner Kit fits both the Coupe and Convertible models.

  • Uses the same TVS2650 Magnum DI intercooled supercharger that makes 700 horsepower and 675 FT-LBS Torque @~7 psi boost on our Magnuson LPE C8 Supercharger Package
  • Billet supercharger lid and upper manifold
  • Custom fabricated, high-flow and high-efficiency intercooler radiator
  • 5 gal Intercooler System includes Reservoir Tank, Service Fill Port, Pump and Custom Molded Hoses for Optimum Efficiency
  • Custom Engineered Belt Drive System, with high degree of wrap, maximizing belt-pulley contact to eliminate belt slip
  • Kit does not include calibration, throttle body, or MAF/IAT breakout box.
  • 2020-2024 C8 Corvettes with 6.2L LT2 Engines
  • Fits both Coupe and Convertible models.
  • Kit does not include calibration, throttle body, or MAF/IAT breakout box.


Note: This kit does not include an IAT breakout. A compatible IAT relocation module can be purchased here:

IAT Breakout: DashLogic SensorTap GM IAT / Baro Relocation Module


NOTE: While it is possible to perform the installation with the engine in-vehicle, it is highly recommended that installation be performed by a professional installer, engine-out, with an engine supporting cradle.