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2015-2023 Dodge Hellcat*
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Unleash the true potential of your Hellcat with the Magnuson Vengeance TVS2650Supercharger System!
The Vengeance TVS2650 for the 2015+ Dodge Hellcat 6.2L V8. This OE replacement supercharger system is designed to deliver maximum performance while retaining factory-like driveability and reliability!

Inside of the supercharger manifold, the newest charge air cooler is 10% larger than the OE keeping your Intake Air Temperatures colder than competitors and provides consistent and repeatable performance! We have also retained the OE electronic by-pass valve to ensure the ECU remains in complete control of the desired boost levels.

One of the most impressive aspects of this latest generation Magnuson supercharger system is that it can outflow the competition even though their supercharger displacement is significantly larger. In addition, it requires less horse power to spin the Vengeance TVS 2650 and its discharge temperatures are significantly lower allowing the supercharger to make over 1000 HP with the stock fuel system and 1200-1400+ HP when supported with upgraded fuel system and powertrain modifications!

  • Operating range to over 25,000 RPM
  • 56% higher flow than TVS 2300
  • Equivalent flow to 4.0L screw type superchargers
  • 2015-2023 Dodge Hellcat 6.2L V8 HEMI


NOTE: Some model years may require minor modification for throttle body hood clearance.

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