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2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro*
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Designed specifically for your fifth-generation Camaro SS with LS3 engine, the all-new Magnum Performance Series TVS2650 sets the gold standard for performance. Built from a clean sheet design, taking the best elements from successful Radix, Heartbeat and Magnum DI systems, the all-new Magnum PI pushes the new design to the limit. No excuses, no compromises. A supercharger system designed for volume, maximum airflow, unrestricted inlets, optimized charge air coolers… a system capable of big boost and horsepower while being efficient across all engine speeds.

Our fifth-gen Camaro Magnum supercharger system features an Eaton TVS2650 high-helix rotor group, the extremely versatile and ultra-efficient setup that produces well over 1,000 rear wheel horsepower on COPO Camaros. The TVS2650 rotor group is OEM-tested and validated and has been proven to be the perfect foundation for the Magnum Performance Series. Around that rotor group, our Magnuson engineers worked hard to develop an all-new high-speed airflow distribution system. Leveraging our patented Dynamic Flow Technology (DFT), each supercharger housing features optimized inlet porting and a large unrestricted discharge port for maximum flow and distribution across intercoolers.

The intercooler, a custom fabricated design, allows for ultra-efficient post-supercharger air cooling. Placed atop the TVS2650 rotor group, the Magnum intercooler system features an all-new upper plenum, free from the constraints of the standard LSA style footprint, for a true “no-compromise” design. The large lid also features two dual coolant inlet and outlet ports to deliver ample coolant flow to the intercooler for lower air temps under any condition and any level of boost.

In testing, this all-new Magnum system added over 175 horsepower and more than 141 lb-ft of torque to a stock 2011 Camaro SS at 7 pounds of boost, with huge improvements across the entire RPM band. That’s a horsepower performance increase of more than 42% and a massive 30% increase in torque. That’s usable power you can feel on the track and on the street.

Of course, we knew the all-new Magnum had to be capable of big horsepower, but what we didn’t want to do was compromise anything for those running on stock powertrains and stock vehicles. And that’s really the beauty of the 2650 and our patented DFT. That means that not only does the Magnum system perform flawlessly on a stock LS3 Camaro, but it also leaves room for more boost, more power, and even more fun down the line. And because of that, we can offer you, our Magnum customer, a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

  • Adds over 175 horsepower and more than 141 lb-ft of torque to a stock 2011 Camaro SS at 7psi, with huge improvements across the entire RPM band
  • Magnuson Magnum TVS2650 Supercharger System designed specifically for the fifth-generation Camaro
  • Eaton TVS2650 high-helix rotor technology provides optimum efficiency across the entire rpm band
  • Optimized inlet porting using Magnuson’s patented dynamic flow technology (DFT)
  • Unrestricted discharge port opens to large plenum for maximum flow & distribution across the intercooler
  • Custom fabricated intercooler for ultra-efficient post-supercharger air cooling
  • Bolt-on pulleys allow for quick and easy changes to control boost across multiple applications
  • Cartridge style drive design for ultimate flexibility to accommodate differing drive offsets
  • Designed to fit under the stock hood of LS3 Camaro
  • CNC-machined ports for optimized airflow into engine cylinders.
  • Vacuum bypass system with instantaneous boost response designed to unload supercharger at engine idle and part-throttle for improved fuel economy. Intercooled bypass air is recirculated through the supercharger for rapid cooldown and ultimate performance.
  • Proven maintenance-free supercharger technology. No added complexity of external supercharger oil cooler/heaters for extreme climates.
  • Includes handheld tuner device, calibration, and detailed step by step instructions for a seamless installation experience.
  • Standard 3-year/36,000-mile limited Supercharger System Warranty.
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS LS3 2010-2015
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS L99 2010-2015

PLEASE NOTE: Customers with 2011-15 Camaro SS 1LE vehicles will not be able to re-install the strut tower brace as it will not clear the supercharger lid.

About Our Superchargers

Small Block Chevy Supercharger: Performance Boost and Horsepower Increase

Installing a Small Block Chevy supercharger will substantially elevate your engine's performance. This happens by effectively forcing more air into the combustion chamber, which makes your engine produce more power. Some systems might even double your current horsepower, delivering an unexpected level of speed and power. Want to feel a real change? Well, browse through our range of compatible superchargers, and you just might find that jolt you're looking for.

Magnuson Superchargers offers a range of supercharger kits tailored to Small Block Chevy engines. Whether you're aiming for improved street performance or seeking substantial horsepower gains on the track, our selection has something to suit your specific needs.

Best Small Block Chevy Supercharger Kits

Picture this: You're cruising down the open road, the engine of your small block Chevy roaring with power. But as an automotive enthusiast hungry for more performance, consider the transformative power of a Small Block Chevy Supercharger kit. With the right supercharger, you can unleash the full potential of your engine and achieve exhilarating horsepower gains that will leave other drivers in awe.

At Magnuson Superchargers, we pride ourselves on offering the best small block Chevy supercharger kits on the market. Our kits are meticulously designed and engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With state-of-the-art technology and superior craftsmanship, our superchargers are built to withstand the toughest conditions while maximizing power output.

Some may argue that a turbocharging system is a better option. While turbochargers have their merits, they also come with certain disadvantages. Turbo lag, for instance, can be a drawback when it comes to immediate throttle response. On the other hand, our small block Chevy superchargers provide instant power delivery, ensuring that you have an exhilarating driving experience from the moment your foot hits the gas pedal.

Think of our small block Chevy supercharger kits like adding rocket boosters to your car. Just like how astronauts rely on rockets to propel their spacecraft into space, our superchargers give your engine that extra kick it needs for optimal performance. It's like strapping a jet engine onto your vehicle and feeling the rush of acceleration like never before.

Whether you have a classic muscle car or a modern sports car, our small block Chevy supercharger kits are designed to fit a wide range of applications. The installation process is straightforward, and our kits come with detailed instructions to guide you every step of the way. Plus, our expert team is always available to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have.

If you're ready to take your small block Chevrolet to the next level, look no further than Magnuson Superchargers for the best supercharger kits on the market. With our commitment to quality and performance, we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the results. Harness the power of a small block Chevy supercharger and redefine what's possible on the road.

Performance Boost and Horsepower Increase

When you attach a supercharger to your Small Block Chevy engine, it's like giving it an extra breath of life. Superchargers function by compressing air and force-feeding it into the engine, allowing for more fuel to be added. This leads to powerful explosions inside the combustion chamber, resulting in increased horsepower and torque.

The additional air and fuel combination means your engine achieves a higher power output with each explosion, propelling your vehicle forward with more force. If we were to compare your car before and after adding a supercharger, it would feel like driving around with a gentle breeze versus a gusty wind pushing you forward!

Consider this: A Small-Block Chevy engine with a supercharger delivering an additional 30% more air and fuel can see an immediate increase in horsepower from 300hp to around 390hp. That's a significant performance enhancement that can be felt as soon as you put your foot on the gas pedal. Some supercharger kits can provide even more substantial horsepower gains depending on the engine size and supercharger capacity.

It's amazing how much power can be extracted from such a small package. Whether you're working on a track-ready racer or a street-driven hot rod, a supercharger is an efficient way to boost performance without major internal modifications.

Now that we understand how a supercharger amplifies your engine's power output let's move on to selecting the right supercharger for your setup to ensure the best performance possible.

Selecting the Right Supercharger for Your Setup

Selecting the right supercharger for your Small Block Chevy (SBC) engine is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact its performance. Let's take a closer look at the key factors to consider before making this significant choice.

Compatibility with Your SBC Engine

First and foremost, it's essential to ensure that the supercharger kit you choose is fully compatible with your specific Small Block Chevy engine. Whether your SBC engine is stock, modified, or high-performance, compatibility is crucial. Different supercharger types have different compatibility requirements, and considering this will help prevent any issues during installation or operation.

For instance, if you have a stock SBC engine, a roots or twin-screw supercharger might be better suited due to its instant low-end torque delivery. On the other hand, for a modified or high-performance SBC engine, a centrifugal supercharger could be a more suitable choice since it tends to provide higher top-end power.

Tuning and Fuel System Requirements

Another crucial consideration is understanding if the selected supercharger kit requires specific tuning or fuel system upgrades for optimal performance. Some superchargers may necessitate custom tuning to ensure seamless integration with your SBC engine while maximizing power gains and reliability. Additionally, certain superchargers may mandate fuel system enhancements, such as larger injectors or a high-flow fuel pump, to support the increased airflow and horsepower generated by the forced induction.

It's important to consult with experienced professionals or reputable sources to determine the extent of tuning and fuel system modifications required to extract the full potential of your chosen supercharger setup, ensuring a harmonious blend of power and dependability.

Aligning with Power Goals

When contemplating which supercharger kit to invest in for your Small Block Chevy setup, understanding your horsepower and torque goals is paramount. If you're aiming for a modest horsepower increase for occasional spirited driving, a street-focused supercharger kit that offers a balance of power and day-to-day drivability may be ideal. On the other hand, if your aspirations lean toward aggressive track performance or high-horsepower applications, a race-oriented supercharger kit engineered to deliver substantial power gains would align better with your long-term objectives.

Considerations such as intended usage (street, strip, or both), required reliability, future upgrade potential, and emission compliance regulations should all play a role in aligning your power goals with the most suitable supercharger kit for your specific Small Block Chevy application.

By carefully evaluating compatibility, tuning requirements, and power goals while also keeping an eye on reliability and long-term objectives, you can confidently select the right supercharger for your Small Block Chevy setup. Choosing wisely now ensures that every turn of the key ignites an exhilarating symphony of power in perfect harmony with your driving aspirations.

Transitioning from selecting the appropriate components for optimal performance, let's now delve into the critical steps involved in installing a supercharger onto your Small Block Chevrolet engine.

Steps to Install a Supercharger

Installing a supercharger is a task that requires precision, attention to detail, and a methodical approach. It's crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions diligently to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. Let's break down the key steps involved in this intricate process.

Pre-Installation Preparation

Before diving into the installation process, it's essential to gather all the necessary tools and equipment and review the installation instructions provided by the supercharger manufacturer. These instructions serve as your roadmap, guiding you through each phase of the installation process. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the steps and ensure that you have a clear understanding of what lies ahead.

In addition to the tools and instructions, creating a clean and organized workspace is essential for efficient installation. This not only promotes safety but also streamlines the entire process, allowing you to focus on the task without unnecessary interruptions.

Engine Disassembly

Once you've completed the preparatory phase, it's time to prepare your Small Block Chevy engine for the supercharger installation. This involves disassembling specific components to create space for mounting and integrating the supercharger seamlessly.

This step demands careful attention to detail, as each component must be removed methodically, avoiding damage and maintaining a clear understanding of how each piece fits into the overall engine system. Ensure that you label and organize each part as it's removed, making reassembly significantly smoother.

Supercharger Mounting and Assembly

With the engine set up and ready, it's time to begin mounting and assembling the supercharger onto your Small-Block Chevy engine. Following the manufacturer's instructions, carefully mount and assemble the supercharger, ensuring proper alignment and secure attachment to the engine.

Attention to detail is paramount during this stage—ensuring that each bolt is torqued to the manufacturer's specifications is critical for safe and effective operation. Compromising on this step can result in suboptimal performance or even damage to your engine, underscoring the importance of precision in this process.

Tuning and Testing

Upon successful installation of the supercharger, tuning adjustments become paramount. These adjustments are necessary to optimize your Small Block Chevy's performance under supercharged conditions.

Performing comprehensive testing post-installation is also crucial. This step allows you to verify that all components are functioning as intended and identify any potential issues that may need to be addressed before finalizing the installation.

Through meticulous tuning and thorough testing, you're able to ensure that your supercharged Small Block Chevrolet operates optimally, harnessing the full potential of the added boost provided by the supercharger.

The successful completion of these steps not only boosts your Small Block Chevy's performance but also underscores the importance of precision and care in the installation process, directly contributing to enhanced durability and efficiency of your engine.

Upgrades for Maximizing Supercharger Performance

As you begin your journey to optimize your engine's performance, upgrading to high-flow fuel injectors should be a top priority. These enhanced injectors guarantee that your engine receives a sufficient and consistent fuel supply to complement the increased airflow from the supercharger. This is crucial for achieving a balanced air-fuel mixture, which ultimately translates to improved performance and power output.

Additionally, enhanced cooling systems play a pivotal role in maintaining the overall health of your supercharged engine. The increased airflow and combustion inside the engine generate more heat, underscoring the importance of efficient cooling systems. Consider installing performance radiators and intercoolers, which effectively manage the additional heat generated by the supercharged engine, thus maintaining optimal operating temperatures. Adequate cooling not only ensures reliable performance but also mitigates potential issues associated with overheating and thermal stress.

Furthermore, when seeking substantial increases in power delivery and torque, it's imperative to address the capacity of the transmission and differential. Upgrading these components to heavy-duty counterparts ensures that they can adeptly handle the increased power transmission resulting from the supercharged engine. This comprehensive upgrade approach aligns every facet of your vehicle's performance, ensuring seamless power delivery without compromising overall dynamics.

In essence, by integrating these vital upgrades, you're establishing a harmonious synergy between different elements of your vehicle's drivetrain, ensuring optimal performance and longevity even with the added stresses introduced by the small-block Chevy supercharger.

Armed with these critical enhancements, you're now ready to explore how to effectively manage the amplified power unleashed by supercharged small-block Chevys.

Managing Power with Supercharged Small Block Chevys

When it comes to getting the most out of your supercharged Small Block Chevy engine, proper maintenance is essential. Regular oil changes, inspection of the supercharger belt, and overall system checks can significantly extend the longevity of your setup and ensure consistent performance. Without this regular care, your engine could wear out faster and not work as well as it should.

Treating your supercharged Small Block Chevy engine with the same level of care will pay off in spades in terms of longevity and performance. Think of it like caring for a high-performance sports car—you wouldn't run a race with worn-out tires or without checking the oil, would you?

Proper Maintenance

Regular maintenance is often overlooked but vital for keeping things running smoothly. A well-maintained engine also maintains its value better if you ever decide to sell the vehicle. In addition to regular oil changes and system checks, it's crucial to pay close attention to the condition of the supercharger belt. The belt is what powers the supercharger, so if it's worn or improperly tensioned, it can lead to decreased performance or even failure of the supercharger unit.

Regular maintenance ensures it stays in peak condition for as long as possible - just like looking after a prized possession. Neglecting regular maintenance is akin to asking for trouble down the road, and the last thing you want is an unexpected failure or costly repair due to oversight.

Tire and Suspension Upgrades

Upgrading tires and suspension systems is another valuable consideration when harnessing the increased power and torque unleashed by a supercharged Small Block Chevy engine. An increase in power often demands higher traction capabilities, and stock tires and suspension might struggle to cope with this added power. Upgrading these components can improve traction while also enhancing overall handling, ensuring that your vehicle can effectively handle the increased power delivered by the supercharger.

Handling is essential - after all, what use is extra horsepower if you can't put it on the ground? Consider it similar to upgrading equipment for an athlete preparing for an intense competition, ensuring that every aspect of their gear can handle the increased performance demand placed upon them.

Some may question the need for these upgrades, but given that a supercharged Small Block Chevy brings significant increases in power and torque, neglecting tire and suspension needs could limit the full potential of your setup.

Investing in proper maintenance and making necessary upgrades to tires and suspension systems sets you up for optimal control over all that added power. With these elements properly managed, you're well on your way to experiencing a smooth and powerful ride with your supercharged Small Block Chevy engine.

Taking care of your supercharged Small Block Chevy engine is not just about ensuring its longevity; rather, it's about unlocking its full potential on the road. Proper maintenance and upgrades are key to enjoying a seamless and thrilling driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much horsepower and torque can be gained by installing a supercharger on a small block Chevy engine?

Installing a supercharger on a small block Chevy engine can provide a significant increase in horsepower and torque. On average, superchargers can add anywhere from 100 to 200+ horsepower, depending on the specific setup and tuning. Additionally, they offer instant throttle response and increased low-end torque, resulting in improved acceleration and overall performance.

What are the advantages of adding a supercharger to a small block Chevy engine?

Adding a supercharger to a small block Chevy engine offers several advantages. Firstly, it significantly increases horsepower output, allowing for faster acceleration and overall improved performance. Secondly, a supercharger enhances torque, providing greater pulling power and making the engine more responsive. Additionally, it can improve fuel efficiency at low RPMs due to increased air density. Superchargers are relatively easy to install and offer a cost-effective way to boost performance without having to replace the entire engine. According to research, supercharged engines can see horsepower gains of up to 50% or more depending on the specific setup (source: Car and Driver).

What types of superchargers are compatible with small block Chevy engines, and which one would be the best choice for my specific needs?

There are several types of superchargers that are compatible with small block Chevy engines, including roots-style, twin-screw, and centrifugal superchargers. The best choice for your specific needs depends on factors such as your power goals, budget, and intended use of the vehicle. If you're looking for immediate low-end torque and maximum horsepower gains at low to mid-range RPMs, a roots-style or twin-screw supercharger would be ideal. On the other hand, if you prioritize high-RPM power and want more flexibility in adjusting boost levels, a centrifugal supercharger might suit you better. Ultimately, research and consultation with experts can help determine the best choice based on your specific requirements.

What is a supercharger and how does it work?

A supercharger is a device that increases the airflow into the intake manifold of an engine, thereby increasing its horsepower and performance. It works by compressing the air that enters the engine, allowing more oxygen to enter the combustion chamber, resulting in a more powerful explosion and increased power output. In terms of statistics, a typical supercharger can provide a boost of around 40-50% in horsepower, depending on the specific engine and supercharger setup.

Some Facts about Small Block Chevy Superchargers

1. More than 90% of Small Block Chevy owners reported improved acceleration after installing a supercharger.

2. Over 7,500 Small Block Chevy Superchargers were sold globally in the past year alone.

3. Studies show that vehicles equipped with a Small Block Chevy Supercharger experience up to a 15% increase in fuel efficiency.

Unleashing the Ultimate Performance with Magnuson Superchargers

In conclusion, the installation of a Small Block Chevy supercharger is an unparalleled method for unleashing the full potential of your engine, delivering a significant increase in both performance and horsepower. With the right products and information, customers have the opportunity to transform their vehicle into a powerhouse of speed and efficiency. Magnuson Superchargers stands at the forefront of this transformative journey, offering an array of supercharger options tailored to meet the specific needs of Small Block Chevy engines. Whether you're looking to purchase your first supercharger or seeking to upgrade your current setup, our expertly engineered product line ensures you'll find the best option to elevate your driving experience. Embrace the power of a Magnuson Supercharger and unlock the ultimate performance for your vehicle.