Air Inlet Adapter 112/120mm to 90/103mm

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Looking to upgrade your throttle body down the line, but not just yet?

This billet adapter allows for the purchase of our largest throttle body adapters while still using smaller (90-103mm) throttle bodies that use the stock bolt pattern. Once you're ready to upgrade to a Nick Williams 112mm or 120mm throttle body, just remove the adapter and bolt on your new throttle body.


See bolt spacing diagram for fitment.



  • Magnum Performance Series TVS2650 LSA/LS3 Superchargers with 120mm Throttle Body Adapter.
  • Magnum Performance Series TVS2650 LT1/LT4 Superchargers with 112.5mm Throttle Body Adapter.
  • TVS2650 Jackshaft LS3/LSA Hot Rod Kit
  • Mag Drag LS7 Kit